Money Markets

Commercial papers and Short term NCD’s

Real Growth has been instrumental in placing CP’s of 20 Billion for highly reputed clients to help raise short term funds at the most competitive rates.

Real Growth has been very active in raising finances for its clients for meeting their short term fund requirements. With vast experience and deep knowledge of the market it has been successful in placing short term debt which ultimately helps in meeting long term objective.

Structured Finance

A service that generally involves highly complex financial transactions offered by many large financial institutions for companies with very unique financing needs.
Our services include :

  • Structuring of new debt issues and refinancing of existing obligation
  • Advising and formulating strategy for our clients on merger/acquisition/sale/purchase, etc.
  • Assessing synergies between buyers and sellers to arrive at an optimum structured finance.
  • Business Reorganisation

Our services are based on the understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the clients. Our Professional advisors with their deep understanding of the financial markets help in advising the clients throughout the transaction process.

Our Recent Deals
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